LABS for Dyslexia


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Dyslexics are an under served segment of the public school student body. If your child has Dyslexia, the stories of the parents and teachers in our documentary are familiar to you. You may be feeling like that your child is being left behind as they struggle with concepts many of their peers grasp with ease. You may also be seeing your child loose confidence and start to think they just aren’t as smart as the other kids. None of this is true. Dyslexia isn’t as much a disability as it is a whole set of abilities that non-dyslexics don’t have, and the public education system is not equipped to teach dyslexics in a way they can learn. However, schools like Lakes and Bridges are paving the way by offering free education specifically directed at students with dyslexia to prepare them for success. If you’d like to know more about dyslexia, what your child’s options are, or simply follow our progress as we explore the complex issue that is dyslexia education in America, sign up for our newsletter.