37 Ghosts

A hired gun, haunted by the ghosts of his past kills and struggling with guilt goes on his final hit. 

Running Time: 16:12

Written, Directed, & Edited By: Collins Abbott White

Production Company: Other Vision Studios

Director of Photography: Tedd Lane

Music By: Joe Wehunt

Why do I so often do the things I hate?  Harvey knows what he is doing is wrong.  He tries every day to find forgiPrveness.  Father Andrew grows weary of the hours he spends hearing Harvey talk around the problem without actually confessing what he has done. Harvey is a hit man who wants another job. The problem is, he can’t get away from the ghosts. Every one, all 36 victims, show up at various, inconvenient times to jibe at him. They are beginning to throw him off his game and distract him from the job at hand. All of them, that is, except the first one. Angelica wasn’t the target, her father was. She got in the way, and now Harvey can’t sleep —her face is always there, her voice in his head. She says she forgives him.  Why can’t that be enough? 

Harvey decides to quit playing the game and get out of the business.  The Boss said he could leave any time.  His wife is begging him to take her on a long vacation, and he almost has enough to visit Venice.  Just one more time, and he will be home free.  He promises.  A dark night, a single shot to the chest of the victim, collect the cash and take off.  It would be simple, if the Ghosts would just leave him alone.


Director’s Statement


37 Ghosts was an idea I had several years ago when I was still studying film in college. For various reasons I never made it as a student project, but the story stuck with me. Years later the time was right, and 37 Ghosts was born.

The story follows Harvey, a devout Christian who goes to confession daily, but also murders people for a living. The conflict between what he believes to be true and good, and what he does on a daily basis is tearing apart his marriage, his health, and his faith. Added to that, he’s haunted by the ghosts of everyone he killed, with Angelica, his unintended first victim, a particular source of grief. Her innocence and eagerness to forgive Harvey and see him turn his life around only serves as a further reminder of his guilt.

I think that we as people are not so far away from Harvey. While we might not go around killing people for a living, we have a tendency to do the things that we think are most reprehensible. It doesn’t take much research to find a plethora of high profile people who would condemn things from adultery, drug use, lying, sexual abuse or harassment, stealing, etc, who have also committed those same acts. Why do we do the things we hate? Why can’t we be consistent? These are some of the questions 37 Ghosts raises. From a high vantage point, the entire film can be seen as the interplay between sin/guilt and repentance/forgiveness.

37 Ghosts is a stand-alone short film that tells a complete story. But there’s a lot more to be explored this mythos than can be contained in a 16 minute film. Our ultimate goal would be to make 37 Ghosts into a feature that further explores these themes and shows the evolution of Harvey’s inner struggle.




Collins Abbott White / Writer, Director


Collins Abbott White is a South Carolina based director, producer, and owner of Other Vision. A Greenville native, Collins found the love for filmmaking as a senior in High School when he directed his first film, School Wars, a spoof of his favorite movie, Star Wars.

After earning an M.A. in Film and Video Production, Collins founded Other Vision with the goal of creating one of the first film production companies in South Carolina. He also used his education and experience to assist numerous aspiring filmmakers in the Greenville area to achieve their artistic vision.

As the name of his company suggests, Collins tends to take a unique approach to filmmaking with an emphasis on story first and foremost. His goal is to capture new and inspiring and stories and tell them to screen with captivating visuals and a distinctive style.


Tedd Lane / Director of Photography


Whether he’s working with still or moving images, he is a master of lighting technique. Tedd has 12 years of experience in video and photography and has worked on a wide range of projects including feature films, national television ads, commercial photography, and award-winning short films. He has also served as Cinematographer, Producer, and Senior Video Editor in previous roles. When he’s not behind the camera, he works with post-production editing and action graphic animation.

In his free time, Tedd makes a mean BBQ pork and beef brisket in the smoker, and he can often be found mountain biking in the beautiful Piedmont Foothills


Diana Valerie / Hair and Makeup


The industry’s local and traveling most eclectic and versatile hair/makeup artist of 15 years, Diana Valerie completed her first full feature as department head in 2016 on Fortress Films’ Blackbear, due to release early 2019.  Her other works cover sponsoring athletes such as Tough Enough and pro MMA fighter Tanner Saraceno, INVICTA fighter Alexa Conners, the UFC’s Justin Scoggins and Sara McMann. She also works with several broadway musicals and tours for the Book of Mormon.  Her love for MMA and connections with the film industry has helped put people in several local works including 37 Ghosts on which she was a first time producer with Tedd Lane and Collins White of Other Vision Studios. Supporting and developing the art of film in South Carolina is her current passion.


Graham Zielinski returns to acting after having spent several years studying in LA and receiving his B.S.  Film degree from Full Sail University (2016). Graham is delighted to be working again in Greenville, SC with Director Collins White on their second project together, the first being “I Married An Alien” (2013). Graham’s other recent appearances have been in “Boy Toy”, “Concealed Love”, and “Prophecy Eleven”.


Audrey Dickson / Angelica


Audrey Dickson discovered her passion for performing at an early age while participating in her 2nd grade talent show.  Since then she has been actively training in stage and film acting, piano, dance and modeling and is currently an honor student at the local Fine Arts Center where she studies Voice. 

Audrey has competed and won numerous singing competitions, acted in about a dozen theatre productions, booked several print modeling jobs and is always looking for the next opportunity.  She most recently starred as Angelica, lead actress in “37 Ghosts”, she played the Young Victim in “Bound”, human trafficking awareness film, and prior to that, appeared in “I Married an Alien”. 

 Audrey loves animals, especially dogs!  She spends much of her free time reading, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, hiking, bike riding, shopping, and taking photographs.


Merritt Vann is a SAG-eligible actor and is making his mark in the entertainment industry including film and television.  His most current film credits include BOTTLED UP, TEST, TRIGGERED, MISTER ACADEMY, BOUND, BLUE CROSSING, CURTAIN CALL and A MOTHER’S PLEA.  He recently had a guest-starring role on the CBS show THE INSPECTORS and co-starring roles in episodes of HOMICIDE HUNTER, MURDER CALLS and KILLER COUPLES on the ID Network and four leading roles in SID ROTH’S IT’S SUPERNATURAL cable TV series.  He has also appeared in the national TV series REVOLUTIONSLEEPY HOLLOW, BANSHEE and SINGLE LADIES as well as three national commercials for HOODZ, CONTINENTAL TIRE and NASCAR (Jimmy Johnson Legends).


John Oliver // Number 2


John Oliver is an American actor, and producer. He has played numerous roles on Stage, in Television and Film. His voice is heard worldwide for clients such as: HBO, ESPN, NFL Films, HGTV, Food Network, Dicks Sporting Goods, Lowes, Toyota Trucks, the PGA and many more. John Oliver hosted and produced one of America’s first syndicated music news shows for broadcast television called “Rockwave.” Mr. Oliver has been a production partner of Patrick Durham and his Morningstar Films. John and Patrick co-produced “Only God Can” a feature film starring Greg Evigan, and Donna D’Errico. They recently worked together on a thriller called Cross 2 starring Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, and Tom Sizemore. He appeared last year in the Dal Kalsi film-Bound. John is currently working on a Movie called Revolutionary!


Head of Hair and Makeup: Diana Valerie
Production Sound Mixer: Mark Cochran
Music By: Joe Wehunt
Edited by: Collins Abbott White

Directed By: Collins Abbott White
Director of Photography: Tedd Lane
Produced By: Tedd Lane, Diana Valerie
Executive Producer: Collins Abbott White


Father Andrew
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
Number 6
Number 7
Number 8


Eric Anonsen, MiiMii Beaulieu, Cazzie Blocker, Drew Bolin, Brandon Bothur, Justin Joseph Brown, Martha Bunn, Norman Bunn, Kolby Carginan, Keith Carignan, Christian Cortes, Wanda Dickson, Lindsay Dixon, Ted Ford, Nathan Forest, David Johnson, Stephanie Klimowych, David Malpass, Eilidh McKinnon, Miriam Moss, Joe Novotny, Nick Novotny, Jay Spivey


Special Makeup Effects Artist
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Set Designer
Prop Designer
Boom Operator
Stunt Coordinator
First Assistant Camera
Second Assistant Camera
Key Grips

Still Photographers

Production Assistants

Script Supervisor
Special Thanks

Paul Jutras
David Bliss
Kyle Waters
Joey Loman
Talmadge Swanson
Michael Moncrief
Cody Freeland
Will Driskill
Kate Cupples
Joey Loman
Marshall O. Wells III
Ashley McHam
Erik Olsen
Amy Randall
Kate Cupples
Brandon Bothur
Graeme Hanson
Dawn Johnson
Martha Bunn
Norman Bunn
John Gardner
Beth Meaders
Randall Owens
Dan Sandy

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